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 30th April 2015: Andreas Audétat, International Exchange Lecturer of SEG gives a lecture in our university!
Title of the lecture: Vapor versus brine: which fluid does the job? (in English)
All inquiring are welcomed! (more…)

 24th February 2015: Attila Holoda lecture on non-conventional carbohydrates.
Title of the lecture: A nem-hagyományos szénhidrogének növekvő szerepe és jelentősége a világban és hazánkban. (more...)

 13th January 2015: László Somos lecture on underground coal gasification
Title of the lecture: Széntelepek felszín alatti elgázosításának reális, vagy kevésbé reális lehetőségei Magyarországon - Kitekintés a legfontosabb közép-európai szénmezőkre. (more…)

 26-27th November 2014: Ladislav A. Palinkaš (University of Zagreb) gives two lectures in our university.
On Wednesday: Mežica-Bleiberg type of Pb-Zn deposit (MVT) on the Medvednica Mts., Croatia
On Thursday: Bauxite genesis and global tectonics in Dinarides, examplified on the Jajce bauxite deposits
The language of the lectures is English.
All inquiring are welcomed! (more…)

 October 2014: Great honour for our chapter: the summary of the field trip (Epithermal systems and ore potential of NE-Hungary) of the 5th International Students Geological Conference was released in the SEG Newsletter in october. (More details on the 24th page.)

16th October 2014: The first programme of the semester is an informal conversation with several interesting conference report. All inquiring are welcomed! (more...)

Our collection of magazines in our library has expanded. By the favor of former SC member and president Attila Péntek, two volumes of Mineralium Deposita are now available besides other publications.

The list of the magazines available in SC library are the following:

Economic Geology
2003 vol 98/1-8
2004 vol 99/1-8
2005 vol 100/1-8
2006 vol 101/1-8
2007 vol 102/1-3
2009 vol 104/8
2010 vol 105/6
SEG Newsletter
2001 Nr 47
2002 Nr 48, 50, 51
2003 Nr 52
2005 Nr 60, 63
2006 Nr 64, 65
2010 Nr 80, 81, 82, 83
Mineralium Deposita
2006 vol 41/1-8
2007 vol 42/1-8
2008 vol 43/1
Mitteilungen der Österreichischen Mineralogischen Gesellschaft
2007 / 153
Reviews in Economic Geology
1991 vol 5
SEG - 75 years of progress (1920-1995)
SEG Guidebook Series
1990 vol 8
1995 vol 23
2006 vol 38
Petroleum Economist maps
Romanian Journal of Mineralogy Excursion Guide
1992 vol 75
Australian Mineral Exploration
Mining Journal
2006 may 5 & 12
Mining Magazine
2006 vol 194/5
Rock Talk (Colorado Geological Survey)
1999 vol 2/3
2001 vol 4/3
2002 vol 5/3
2003 vol 6/2
2004 vol 7/2